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In 2000 our family embarked on a boatbuilding project when we purchased a Roger Simpson Designed 40' Catamaran shell.  Much of the outfitting was an adventure and aided by professional friends in the industry.  The sourcing of all the parts and materials required was more time consuming than we imagined but we soon developed a rhythm of determining what we required, researching for the latest materials and hardware required, and then using the buying power of our entire project to get reasonable prices.  We soon banded together with several other builders in the Toronto area and fine tuned our model.

When it came to propellers, everyone in the group wanted feathering but since most of us were working on catamarans that meant double the price!  We researched every feathering and folding propeller option available and came across an obscure product from New Zealand called KiwiProps in an on-line bulletin board down under.  A few emails to the owner of the company and we became convinced that not only were the KiwiProps suitable for our soon to be launched catamaran Amurru but that there was a business opportunity introducing this great product to the North American Market.

As luck would have it an associate was heading to New Zealand on a sailing vacation, and the rest as they say is history.  KiwiProps North America was formed and a business model was developed focussed primarily on a direct to consumer internet principal with an East Coast and West Coast orientation.  This model was contrary to the traditional way that propellers have been sold through a technical full service dealer network.  While we did originally set up some dealers and we continue to have interest from new ones, the simplicity of the KiwiProp design, installation, maintenance and repair has allowed us to sell virtually all of our propellers in North America direct via the internet at the lowest possible price to you the boat owner.

Fast Forward to 2008, and here we are with 7 seasons of use on our own KiwiProps with only some minor lubrication as service.  Thousands of KiwiProps have been sold.  Two of the other original 'group' buyers have done extensive world cruising.  Our original partners in KiwiProps have both gone off cruising with, you guessed it, KiwiProps pushing them towards their dreams when the wind won't.  KiwiProps North America has been rolled into our larger holding company JD Hallman Assoc Ltd. which provides greater financial and operational stability.

2008 will also see us exhibiting at the Annapolis Boat Show for the first time.  KiwiProps New Zealand remains true to its form being a small innovative engineering focussed company led by the original designer John Blundell.  John continues to produce new designs and ideas many of which we test on our boats.  The original KiwiProp, with the exception of a few material changes, has retained the same, now time proven, design that is pushing sailboats all over the planet.  Our best advertising remains our first, word of mouth from our satisfied customers all over the world who tell their sailing friends about the little prop from Down Under  KiwiProps.


Jamie Hallman

KiwiProps North America


Call KiwiProps North America at (416) 237-0777 today!


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