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Improved Trilobe Rollers w Grease Caps. ​The rollers last forever unless they get bent or broken due to impact, but its an easy do-it-yourself upgrade!


Did you know our new Ogival Blades are backward compatible to any K3 propeller?  Improve your motoring performance!

Upcoming Boat Shows.  It's been awhile since we did a few of the shows.  There has been so much damage to the North American Fleets that we are currently deciding which boat shows we will be doing.  Stay Tuned, Miami, San Diego, Texas are all on our radar.

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All Kiwiprops are spec'd and ordered on-line, shipped from NewZealand, fill out our form to get your boat spec'd!

Welcome to the home of the World's most innovative, reliable and low cost Feathering Propellers!

Design Theory


Jan 2018


KiwiProps started with an overriding philosophy to simplify feathering propellers to the point that they were more reliabile, more durable and significantly less expensive.  See how we've accomplished that over the years! 

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​​KiwiProps North America


NEW WEBSITE- Yes we finally stopped sailing and cruising long enough to update our website!.  We enjoy great support from the factory site at www.kiwiprops.co.nz for almost 20 years, but we were overdue for a facelift for sure!


Kiwiprops are best known for their durability and longevity.  We do offer a low cost 'Refresh' service as well as repairs in the event of unfortunate collisions..

KiwiProps Blog. Ok, we're not the most advanced when it comes to social media but if you are, we'd love to hear from you on our blog! https://kiwiprops.wordpress.com/