K4 Kiwiprop 60hp+ $2850US including Exress Post to your Door!

K3 Kiwiprop 12-55hp $1500US including Express Post to your door!

Kiwiprops currently offers the K3 and K4 models.  The 3 bladed K3 is optimal for engines from approx. 12-55hp and shaft diameters up to 11/4" or 30mm .  The 4 bladed K4 accommodates hp ratings over 100hp but more limiting it can be fitted onto the larger diameter shaft sizes associated with larger vessels.  

Both models utilize the same well proven Zytel blade design ($110US/blade replacement) and SS components and we can fit virtually every vessel we come across.  The K3 design has remained unchanged for approx. 20 years, with only minor material changes and a few refinements in component design.  Almost every design change has been made backward compatible with our original props though.

We are proud that many of our original props are still out there with only minor maintenance over decades of service.


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