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An innovative range of propellers for sailing yachts 10-100hp+.

The Original Kiwiprop™ K3 a unique cost effective feathering propeller that eliminates gears, aligns the blades with the streamlines not the shaft, minimises corrosion potential from the lightweight composite blades and offers users easy variable pitch adjustment

The K2SDC incorporates an entirely composite 2 bladed design specifically for Saildrives

The K4- Just Released is a 4 bladed version of the well proven K3 that allows us to address higher hp installations

Coming Soon! a 2 bladed all composite folding propeller that will address many of the limitations of current folding propellers and also address lower hp installations 

You have now reached the new  KiwipropsTM website.  Kiwiprop K3 units has now been in production since 1995 with many thousand installed world wide on a huge range of vessels and drive trains. The SDC or Sail Drive Composite  unit having completed Beta testing is now available for purchase. Some of the feedback associated with this testing program are on our website.

With the SDC unit in production and a further composite folding propeller in the design pipeline we decided that it was time to amalgamate the sales and promotion of the full range of Kiwiprop™  units. All have in common the extensive use of glass reinforced composites to address weight, corrosion and economic design issues. You may find these of interest:

The new K4 unit is now available with four composite blades on a Stainless Steel blade carrier and boss. This unit is designed for higher horsepower installations, and installations where for larger vessels,  additional blade area is required.  We have a trial unit in the water and an initial production status run of  units in process. These will be also put in service for  real world testing for size confirmation and further testing as we start without sizing benchmarks for the popular installations that we can recommend with confidence. Variable pitch always allows for fine tuning to optimise any particular installation.

Many of the design features of the K4 unit are identical to the K3 that now has some  16,000 plus propeller years of service. We are confident that identical features such as blade attachment and pitch adjustment will perform in the same reliable manner as in use on the well proven  K3 unit.

The K2 ultra light weight folding unit with all composite blades and boss is in the final testing stage. We have been refining this design and aiming for a very low weight - we are estimating a finished weight of 1.5 kg ! -  with a lower initial cost unit for small horsepower engines where a 3 bladed feathering unit will have a price disproportionate to the vessel. The initial 3D prints of these units have taken place and we are now continuing to refine the design for ease of assembly. Further updates will follow as testing is completed.

Check back often as we will be updating our Website to accomodate the expanded lineup!! 


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